About the TNRC

The Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (TNRC), established in 2001, has been a leader in community development in Thompson for over fifteen (15) years. Every five years our organization engages in a broad based and inclusive consultation process resulting in a renewal plan that guides our operations for that period.

In 2015/16, over 300 people participated in the community consultation process representing a number of different stakeholder groups, including the City of Thompson, The School District of Mystery Lake, community based service providers, youth, the homeless, and the general population.

As a result, our 2016 - 2021 community priority areas are:

Safety: Crime Prevention: Promote personal, family and community capacity building through a focus on community wellness and safety for all members, and especially for the most vulnerable of our population.

Housing: Support the development and implementation of programs, services and strategies which result in affordable, accessible and suitable housing in Thompson.

Youth: Promote healthy recreational activities that are accessible to all youth, and promote cultural awareness/acceptance to create pride and positive regards for all cultures through education, awareness, events and community building with priority given to the Indigenous cultures of this territory.

Economic Development: Support partnerships that will help diversify Thompson's economy, and that support increasing economic opportunities for its lowest-income community members.

Cleanliness & Beautification: Plan and support initiatives that enhance community spaces for all community members, with sensitivity and inclusion being given tot hose who are homeless.

​​Community identified priority neighbourhoods are as follows:​

  1. Eastwood area
  2. Downtown area
  3. Juniper area
  4. Deerwood area
  5. Burntwood area
  6. Southwood area
  7. Westwood area
  8. Riverside area